Chapter 3 Return To Brightwood

Chapter 3: Return To Brightwood

When they arrived to Brightwood the town was engulfed in flames: what was once green was now red from the hatred of Dunamis. Phobos could taste the charred flesh in the air and the smell of burning hay filled his lungs. He touched Belinda’s side and said:
we must return to woodsford fortress and regroup, its many leagues from here but not to worry as on this beast it’s a short distance, there is farm land surrounding the castle we will set the beast down there and continue on foot
Ok – replied Belinda – but there’s something I must tell you first.
Go ahead – replied Phobos.
I have a sister called Chera, she moved to Woodford a few years ago when she fell in love with a young prince.
I feel that fate is with you Belinda -said Phobos.
It may sound like that but you see we didn’t leave each other on the best of terms… We had an argument before she left and I fear my selfishness may have made her leave.
I know Chera – he said looking at her like he had felt a revelation – she has your eyes and your golden hair but she is not as fair.- Belinda blushed and looked away – I’m sorry – Phobos said
Ah it’s not that – said Belinda – it’s just I haven’t seen her in so long and I will have to give her some very ill news about our family; Dunamis killed them two weeks ago today. She made me watch…- Phobos could feel the pain in her eyes as a tear slowly rolled down her cheek.
War has made me cold but hearing such dark things from such beauty has even brought me to despair – he grabbed her hand and cuddled her there.
Moonlight hit their eyes and stars glistened in the night’s sky. Belinda confidently set the Dragon down on the cold green field, its shadow covering the grass like a mountain from afar. Phobos leaped off and caught Belinda in his arms, she looked at him marvelled; they kissed and made love under the shadow of the dragon’s wing.
Phobos laid in thought later that night with Belinda laying asleep on his chest. It was very cold yet he felt warmer than ever before, but guilt overcame him as he could still hear the screaming of his friend Sarx dominating his thoughts. Revenge and love were both in his heart.



Chapter 2 Back From The Dead

Chapter 2: Back From The Dead
The girl awoke as if from a dream and the wound around her neck repaired itself like a broken blade being repaired by a blacksmith. Phobos had never seen magic of this magnitude before and was shocked beyond all measure, but strangely the girl had the look of sorrow in her eyes.
Thank you sir knight – she said while releasing his bounds – my name is Belinda, I will explain the curse you just witnessed but for now I have to repay your debt of kindness.
As they both left the prison Phobos could still hear the screams of his comrades echoing through his mind as they vigilantly walked through the hallways of what looked like a decaying fortress. They could see slaves screaming for release Phobos wanted to save them but Belinda stopped him
I’m sorry Knight, but it is too late for them. Dunamis, I fear, has planned our escape because she knows of the magic within me as she casted it. And don’t you think these hallways are strangely unguarded?
The thought had occurred to me – whispered Phobos.
They carried on until they saw an open gate, they both curiously went outside.
well that was easy – said Phobos.
too easy – Belinda replied.
And as Phobos took his next step he heard a cracking sound. There were skulls all around them, scorched by burns as if they were entering hell itself there it stood a fire breather, only known in legends, and just as it breathed a flame of yellow and gold Belinda casted a spell that shone blue all around the, the flames rebounded and before Phobos could say anything Belinda grabbed his hand and they went valiantly across till they reached a cliff edge.
where the hell are we? – screamed Phobos
I don’t know – she replied – but we seem to be on a lost island.
The Dragon was right behind them when Belinda shouted “STOP!!!” and the dragon strangely stopped right in its tracks. A look of confusion befell Belinda, the Dragon waited like a soldier waiting for orders from his king, then a revelation came to her: “It must have something to do with the dark magic Dunamis bestow upon me” she thought “Dunamis must have not anticipated this, come on!” she shouted and grabbed Phobos’ hand while they leaped on to the beast.
To Brightwood! she cried.
And with a flutter of the beasts’ wings they went off.

New Episodic Fantasy Story

Hey everyone hope your all having a good weekend. I have decided to do an episodic story of the fantasy genre with one chapter a week starting this week. You will notice I have based all of the characters names of Greek names as they have meanings behind each one for example, the first story is about a character called Phobos Which translates to fear meaning fear will be the theme behind the story. I hope to go further with it and establish a universe with loads of different stories connected together by themes. Also Aida Corona will be Editing this story for me which was very kind i hope you enjoy and you can find it below also most importantly let me know what you think, thanks and a have a good evening.

The Trauma Of Phobos Written By Danny Ryan And Edited by Aida Corona

Chapter 1: Distant Lands
A long time ago in a distant land unbeknown to the rest of the world there lived a child named Prautes. He lived with his mother and father in a small house with a thatched roof and timber walls with floors made of clay. The family was wealthy and Prautes lived quite a sheltered life; every morning he would help his father with their livestock whilst his mother would clean the house and prepare the food for the day. His father used to tell him about the days of old when Prautes’ grandfather was in battle against foreign lands, Prautes was always eager to hear more of the stories about his grandfather, one of his favourites was the story of fear, a famous story around the land.
* * *
Prautes’ grandfather along with five other men were sent by the old king on a reconnaissance mission to gather intel from a slave camp in a western town called Brightwood. The town had been taken over by slave traders of the most brutal nature who were commanded by the great evil sorceress known as Dunamis. Not much was known of her past but she stroke fear in the hearts of men all over the western lands of this world.
Prautes’ grandfather’s name was Phobos, a name remembered by all of Prautes’ family. He and the five others were of the old kings elite guard, when they stealthy approached the camp there were more than half a dozen cages with people being mutilated and tortured beyond description. Phobos and his men discussed their best course of action: one of his men, Sarx, suggested that two of them take out two of the guards and steal their clothes so that’s what they did. As they entered the camp there were men and women corpses laid out, like leaves scattered around an autumn tree. The stench of death filled the men’s nostrils as they ventured on. Phobos saw a light in the darkness it was a woman of beauty so divine he stood still and gazed upon her, he then acted before anyone else out of fear of losing such beauty, he opened up the cage and picked her up. She was speechless!. The other men took the others and went back and hid behind a hill at the back of the camp, the place was so heavily guarded it would take at least three hundred men to storm the camp, just as they were about to return and inform the king the sorceress spotted them from an unimaginable distance and warped in front of them:
these are my slaves! she said – and now so are you
Phobos and the others lifted the Swords from their hilts and Phobos attacked her. He and the others were pushed back by such a force they all fell to the ground and blacked out.
Phobos awoke several hours later to Sarx screaming as his flesh was being peeled from his body. Phobos felt a great fear in his heart, his time would soon come. The man torturing Sarx was trying to obtain information about the king’s plans but Phobos and his men were trained not to break. The echoing screams went on for days and days until Sarx died of blood loss. The sorceress knew she would not get information from these men so she killed the others and only Phobos remained.
I can see your weakness – she said to him – and it is not of body but of heart. That’s what alerted me to your presence, the love for a girl you don’t even know.
She then ordered two of her men to come in carrying the girl Phobos rescued earlier. “ Tell me why you are here otherwise I will slice her ear to ear”. The guard’s knife went to her throat and Phobos as strong as he was gave in to the fear of his outgoing heart. He confessed they were sent to gather intel from the camp to report back to the king and storm it by force.
well you are as weak willed as I predicted …
She then ordered her men to kill the girl and before Phobos could say anything the girls blood sprayed over his face and Dunamis let out a scream of laughter and said: “Now you can succumb to your fears” then left the prison. d
Distraught Phobos looked down at her body and blamed his weakness but then when all hope was lost….

Sleepless Nights By Danny Ryan

Sleepless Nights


Chapter 1

I awoke to the sound of hammering rain in the night. My sheets where wet, my heart full of dread, it felt like she had left me for dead. I loved that woman, I cannot forget her.
I pulled of the sheets and went downstairs; I can’t escape these feelings. The stairs where creaking like footsteps from something before. I went to the kitchen and turned on the light, “it always takes so long” I said to myself, then i saw something suddenly but it went away with the last flicker of the light. I’ve been drinking for weeks now. I looked at the clock at the end of my kitchen and noticed it was 3 am; I’ve woken up at 3am every night this past 4 days. What could it mean? It’s like I’m being taunted by a ghost from the past, don’t remember wronging anyone but things have been so faded for months now, like I’ve been in a coma of my own making. Half asleep but seeing it all go past. I opened the fridge and had the last of the rum from the night before, then quietly went back upstairs but it felt like I wasn’t alone anymore, something was with me and it wasn’t just memory or regret but something had attached itself to my dread; feeding of it like being a fly in a spider’s web, something had me, something that feeds off pain. I laid back down but my mind wasn’t on my failed relationship anymore, I always remember hearing that 3am was the witching hour when witches ghosts and demons would be at their most powerful. I kept hearing creaks though the night but as time went on the creaks got closer and closer until I could hear them coming up the stairs, I pulled the sheets over my face, I could hear it hissing like a snake almost like it was slivering on the landing floor, the door slowly creaked open, a claw-like hand opened the door. Shivering, I was completely submerged in my fear and could see its glowing red eyes looking at me, it let out a screech that was so painful to my ears and soul it made blood dribble from my nose, its claw-like hand grabbed the sheets and just as it nearly saw my face it disappeared.
The room was silent and fear has been with me ever since.

Chapter 2

Still shivering in the dark waiting for the light to seep through the curtains, it was 4am and the moon was still blood red, stained by what felt the fear in my heart. The night felt ever lasting like it always does in deep winter. I could hear the tide angrily smashing against the rocks. “I have to finish the book” I said to myself. At the time I was living by the sea in Dorset supposedly finishing a novel I was too drunk to write. I went downstairs, turned all the lights on and watched early crappy morning TV. I awoke the next day to the sound of rain. I made breakfast, put my coat on and went outside to clear my head and perhaps gain some inspiration. I have always enjoyed walking in the rain its like all the sadness in the world is let out and ready to start afresh. The waves where still very violent, It was then light started appearing from the lighthouse on the edge of the rocks, a strange shadowy figure was looking down upon me, I thought nothing of it at the time but it would prove to be very important.
Fog started moving in from the coast, the air became thick, I had a hankering desperation to see who was at the lighthouse. When I arrived I opened the door and went up the spiral staircase, I could hear some kind of rustling coming from the top as I drew closer I could hear the sound of squeaks, I opened the door and discovered the place was full of rats and empty beer cans. It looked as if it hadn’t been occupied in years, there was a note attached to the window, it read: “I know what haunts you in the night, it will get closer and closer until you beg for death. That’s what it wants; it feeds of suffering and is drawn closer to the sadness, to the pain; you have to get out before it takes hold. I have felt it before, I had to set myself free to get away. I advise you to do the same”. signed by M. How would he know this? A thought of paranoia came over me. Has this figure been watching me all this time?

Chapter 3

The feeling of being watched was with me the whole night. The sound of branches scratching against the window sounded like claws against wet glass in my head. I spent most of the night searching for clues on the internet to find out who the man at the light house was. I found the significance of the signed letter M. It stood for Monty James, according to this he operated the lighthouse and used to live in this very house until 20 years ago when he killed himself by jumping of the cliff and his body lay scattered around the rocks, being washed back in by the tide. “No wonder this place was auctioned at what I thought was a well worth it price” I said to myself. I spent hours analysing bits of information about this man. Who he was, where he came from… The only thing of any significance was his death.
I decided to go to sleep and pray to make it through the night undisturbed. I awoke once again at 3am, my sheets were drenched in sweat but the air was freezing cold. I saw a flash by the window and saw lightning come down over the hills in the distance. The claw-like hands come up to the window scratching and hissing but this time it wasn’t the branches, it crawled like shadows of the night. I ran out of the room and closed the door behind me. Its hand smashed through the door, I ran out of the house, across the darkness and followed the light from the lighthouse. Its red eyes glazed behind me in the dark. I arrived at the lighthouse and locked the door behind me. I rushed up the spiral staircase and could hear it smashing against the door below. I sat there shivering by the light, it came at me slivering, I climbed on to the roof of the lighthouse. “if I can just last till 4” I said to myself. I looked at my watch and it was 3.55. I could hear the creature sniffing in the room below me, I heard what sounded like a scream and two scaly arms clawed into the roof right beneath my feet, it grabbed me by the leg and pulled me into the lighthouse. It stood there gazing and dribbling foam and just as its teeth started digging into my leg it disappeared. I checked my watch and it was 4am, a sigh of relief and the feeling of inevitable death came over me. The worst was not over.

Chapter 4

We now come to the now what i have written is to be my story the one i set out to write it was supposed to be about the monster inside us all but it ended up catching the attention of true evil. It seems our pain is a conduit feel enough of it and it comes after you ready to consume you it takes many forms. It was the day after the lighthouse and it was 10pm i had finished the book and I started packing my stuff i wasn’t going to stay another night in this forsaken place. I planned to drive back to London and talk to my publisher. I put my entire luggage in the car and drove away from that place as quickly as possible. I had strange visions in my mind that night memories entangled with grief and hate memories I thought long forgotten i had an argument with my wife a long time ago i was so involved in my career back then to the point where i was neglectful i can see that now she started driving herself mad like she didn’t know what she wanted to do she would come into my study holding a glass of wine staring at me like i was the sauce of all her problems what is it baby I’m trying to work right now i said you’re always fucking working she replied when are we going to do something all i do is sit in this house drinking wine with nothing to call my own and all your focus is put into that stupid thing you call a novel this stupid thing is going to make us a lot of money one day and i have been working my ass off for months now why don’t you do something useful and have another drink your good at that fuck you she said while slamming the door so hard our wedding photo come of the wall and smashed sort of represents our marriage i said to myself its always been in pieces since she went off with my best friend i just don’t feel i can forgive or forget i remember the next day waking up in my study i went upstairs all her wardrobes where empty a note was on the fridge it read I can’t handle this relationship anymore i have gone to Howard he knows me better than you ever will i hate you goodbye anger and hate began to consume me i wanted to kill him.

Chapter 5

I was drinking Whisky and thinking very deeply about it all I loved her I don’t know why I did but I did and I won’t be made a fool of again Howard used to be a very good friend of mine since we where kids the guy was even my best man at my wedding of course a few years after that she cheated on me with him and i took her back like the fool that i was but not today i was so angry the glass cracked in my hand blood was dribbling down my fingers it’s all coming back to me now a long suppressed memory in my mind i drove to Howards house knocked on the door and punched him straight in the face he went down i couldn’t stop myself i just kept hitting him and hitting him how could you do it i said she was there and tried to stop me by pulling me of but in my rage i pushed her she went flying into the cabinet and hit her head there was blood all over my hands and a featureless face lay underneath me darkness was hanging over me even then it was as if some kind of entity wanted me to finish the job i was kneeling there over the bloodied man who was once cherished by me. She was in the corner of the room knocked out with her head lying against the cabinet then that was the first time i heard it the hissing shrieking sound coming from upstairs the sound of fear itself its red eyes looking down at me from the landing floor without thinking I ran out of the house i could see all the lights flickering the gateway was open i could her screaming and then i saw it devouring Howard alive it was too late. That is what I was running away from all this time. When awful things happen all you can do is run and forget.

Chapter 6

Still driving on my way to my publishers I saw a shadowy figure resembling a women coming out though the trees walking into the road the road was icy i braked but it was too late the brakes screeched the car went through her as if she where mist my heart froze cold i couldn’t control the car and it tumbled over in the snow I awoke with a metal pole jammed in my gut blood squirting out and a familiar smiling face looking at me through the cracked glass it was her my wife but she did not look the same she turned into something else something resembling that monster that has haunted me all this time she through the door of and said you left me there in agonising pain it tore the flesh from my bones I entered another world and this is what I have become and this second life that was given to me serves only one purpose to consume your soul and your flesh she began biting into my legs her teeth like spikes ripping through bone I was screaming and screaming but no one was there to hear just the foul wind carrying my screams of pain everything turned to black.

Chapter 7

I awoke in a hospital bed with a doctor and nurse looking over me all dressed in white I’m glad your awake said the doctor you where very lucky what happened I replied still wandering if last night was but a nightmare i need you to prepare yourself said the doctor i slowly looked down in horror my neck still aching from whiplash reality started to dawn on me my legs where gone from below the kneecaps my heart racing like thunder my body shaking I’m sorry the doctor replied when they found you it was as if some kind of wild animal had been feeding on your legs we had to remove them from below the kneecap to stop an infection from spreading. I will leave you to rest again the doctor left the room slowly closing the door behind me the nurse was standing there staring out the window i started feeling the pain rising up nurse!! Nurse!!! I shouted but she wasn’t replying she was just standing there are you going to help me i need something for the pain she hissed and screeched that familiar sickening dreadful sound she removed her hat her long knotted hair falling down on her shoulders she turned round her skin rotten and my blood on her teeth from the night before. I’m notss finisheddd yet he wants you he needs you to carry on the cursed bloodline she injected me I couldn’t move I could feel every bite hear the cracking of my bones no one could hear the echoes of my screams an intense purple light surrounded me now I live of the fear of others.

Welcome to my blog page

Hello Everyone and welcome. This is actually my first ever blog so help from the blogging community would be highly appreciated 🙂 I have been writing for about 6 years on and of but have started to get back into it now. My ideas mainly come from the science fiction and horror genre. The idea behind my blog page is to share ideas gain knowledge and inspiration to improve creativity and most of all to have fun while doing it. Im going to start with something i wrote last year its a short story about how to much anger and loneliness can connect to something far more sinister. The story is in the blog post below. I will also be posting my stories in the coming weeks thank you and hope to hear from you soon.